Why Electric?


Plug-in electric vehicles (also known as electric cars or EVs) are connected, fun, and practical.  They can reduce emissions and even save you money.


Fueling with electricity offers some advantages not available in conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. Because electric motors react quickly, EVs are very responsive and have very good torque.  EVs are often more digitally connected than conventional vehicles, with many EV charging stations providing the option to control charging from a smartphone app. 


Just like a smartphone, you can plug in your EV when you get home and have it ready for you to use the next morning.  Since the electric grid is available almost anywhere, there are a variety of options for charging: at homeat work or on the road. By charging often, you may never need to go to a gas station again! 


But EVs provide more than just individual benefits.  EVs can help the United States have a greater diversity of fuel choices available for transportation.  The U.S. used nearly nine billion barrels of petroleum last year, two-thirds of which went towards transportation.  Our reliance on petroleum makes us vulnerable to price spikes and supply disruptions. EVs help reduce this threat because almost all U.S. electricity is produced from domestic sources, including coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewable sources. 


EVs can also reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. Charging your EV on renewable energy such as solar or wind minimizes these emissions even more.


Time Saving Benefits. 


Despite the hype about charging times, there’s a good chance that driving electric will save you time. Imagine it like this: You have a gas station at your house. When you get home, you stick the nozzle in the car and go inside to have dinner, play with your kids, chill out on the couch, work on something, play video games, knit, go to sleep, or whatever. When you leave the next day, you just take the nozzle out.


If you have charging stations at work, home + work charging will probably cover ~97% of your charging needs. If it turns out you have no option to charge at home or work, there are still plenty of productive and fun things to do while charging in public, and it still just takes a few seconds to plug in and unplug.


You charge your computer, telephone, and tablet at home, right? Why not your car? And It is really inexpensive to charge at home. 


They are a blast to drive!


Electric cars definitely are better. Yes, you have to pay >$100,000 to get a 5–7 seat Tesla Model S P100D that smokes almost every other car in history to 60 mph, but even a low-cost electric car like a used Nissan LEAF or Fiat 500e is fun to drive thanks to instant torque and the effortless, nearly silent, super efficient power of electric motors.


You have to experience this to understand it, the difference is incredible! 


You want your family in the be in one the safest vehicles in the world? You want to reduce emissions? “ believe me your kids with thank you” The benefits with electric are endless. It is an amazing life style choice that to us is unparalleled to anything you can think of!


Last but not least!  Who wants to go to their mechanic every 3000-5000 miles to have their car serviced, with electric the maintenance is so minimal, very few moving parts and Tesla does not even have a recommended service interval anymore! Truly the way of the future. 


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Above is a great article for more reading as to why electric is the future.



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